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Drawings over land, on water, and in the air by Jeremy Wood

Where art and literature meet
11th March– 26th July 2015 CCCB - Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona Spain

Sebald Variations

Sebald Variations focuses on the German writer W. G. Sebald, the author of a number of the key books of the turn of our century such as The Rings of Saturn and Austerlitz, taking him as the central thread of an examination of the history of the 20th century and its influence on our present. Sebald’s work - a blend of images and words, of travel writing, the novel and the essay, autobiographical yet interested in collective history, deeply poetic and at times provocatively
nostalgic - explores most of the great themes of the 20th century: migration, individual memory, historical discourse, political violence, trauma, the figure of the author, travel, tourism, intertextuality, the documentary and art and literature as ethical instruments of restitution.

The exhibition is a visual and textual essay that brings together the voice of the author with those of creative figures in other realms, and looks at the way in which a number of Sebald’s conceptual strategies - the use of the image combined with text, his particular reflection on history, the unexpected juxtaposition of scenes and quotations, and walking as archaeology - have influenced the visual arts and literature since his death just over ten years ago.



A contemporary art exhibition exploring how cartographic forms feed on letters, words, sounds, phrases,
texts and books under the most varied forms... (more)
6th February – 18th April 2015 Centre Vieille Charité, Marseille, France

Alpha, beta, carta




Traverse Me


13 Years of Mowing

GPS Drawing
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