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Exhibition Tenderpixel Gallery ( London May 13– June 22, 2010


New drawings by Jeremy Wood created with GPS and a riding lawnmower. The Mowing the Lawn exhibition
charts the artist's movements over several seasons of mowing. Wood makes use of his unique GPS data stream by
precisely plotting his time, date and position coordinates to reveal an evolving exploration of travel.

1:50 scale 2007 Lawn Weave 2006
Lawn Square Patch 2007 Scale 1:50 -&- Lawn Weave 2006 Scale 1:200

"Mowing the lawn is synonymous with suburban existence. It is a task so habitual and perfunctory that it seems unlikely as artistic subject matter.
However, it is precisely this everyday quality of lawn maintenance that enables Jeremy Wood to imbue it with significance by newly exploring it with GPS"
Kelly Nosari, Daily Serving

Mower Exhibition

"Wood’s performative rituals are data visualized as densely packed line drawings and animations. Having spent ten years developing a system for tracking and translating his everyday movements,
the resulting pieces are one part drawing, one part diary and one part critique of the technological system’s accuracy/inaccuracy and how that intervention enables/limits our perception of the spatio-temporal."
Lisa Baldini, Rhizome

Exhibition Video Advert -&- One Minute Excerpt (#1) from 1 hour exhibition video

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Mowing the Lawn Mowing the Lawn
Mowing the Lawn

The exhibition spanned three shops in Cecil Court, London:
10 Cecil Court [Tenderpixel]-10 Cecil Court

8 Cecil Court [Tim Bryers]-8 Cecil Court

6 Cecil Court [Tenderproduct]-6 Cecil Court



jeremy wood. 2010