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Single Line Stills
Tracks from stationary GPS receivers

Where shall we cook? GPS Barbeque_Barbeque


Where would you like to eat? GPS Table_ Table


More GPS Signal Tests
One to Five second intervals respectively:

line001 images Line001 Track length 107 m Elapsed Time 00:19:52 Average Speed 0.3 kph

line002 images Line002 Track length 257.3 m Elapsed Time 01:04:37 Average Speed 0.2 kph

line003 images Line003 Track length 303.7 m Elapsed Time 01:23:54 Average Speed 0.2 kph

line004 images Line004 Track length 232.7 m Elapsed Time 00:34:35 Average Speed 0.4 kph

line005 images Line005 Track length 160.5 m Total Time 00:44:00 Average Speed 0.2 kph

Location: Hove, UK
Date: 25/08/2001
The quality of the line changes according to how often the track data is recorded.
The lines start with a low level of accuracy as it takes time to aquire and compute the signals from the satellites.

jeremy wood.