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The additional measurements and the original GPS data were combined and converted
into a new area map made up of primary colours. It charts the accessible, inaccessible,
and the temporarily flooded parts of the land as recorded.

A simple computer programme was produced to count the total colour values for the red,
green and blue pixels. From this data the different areas were calculated, the higher and
lower estimates of accessibility provide the margin of error.

Table of Results:

Colour Accessibility Pixel Count (sq.m)  Percentage Average
    Higher Lower Higher Lower  
Red Inaccessible 8363 11486 34.6% 47.5% 41.0%
Green Accessible 13994 10876 57.9% 45.0% 51.5%
Blue Accessible (flooded)  1817 1817 7.5% 7.5% 7.5%
Total   24174 24179 100% 100% 100%
Total Accessible   15811 12693 65.4% 52.5% 59.0%

Total area of accessibility = 59.0% with a margin of error of 6.5%

In other words, about 60% of the area is accessible.