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I Was There and There I Was - A swim beneath my flights - 1 km Grid/WGS 84 - Jeremy Wood 2011
I was there and there I was


I made a map of an incident.
It’s a map of a swim in the sea that went underneath my flights in the air.
I made it to hear what chords would be struck in a counterpoint between two very different experiences.
The red flights are like taught strings stretched across the sky that are each tuned to a different emotional space and time.
The blue swim has a more intricate texture and its squiggly wake strikes the crossing of millions of passengers.

The resonance of the swim sets the tone. There and back around the peninsula it measures 1.5miles in length, much longer than the height of the aircraft.
I crawled on my front and looked down through my goggles at the seabed and fish.
During breast stroke I fixed my eye line at sea level, and when I flipped over for back stroke I had a belly-to-belly view of the incoming aircraft.
I was there and there I was.



jw. 2011