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GPSograph Instructions
Developed and engineered by Hugh Pryor

Reset View This resets the view to the default settings

View Mode Toggle between perspective and orthographic view

Shadows Toggle on/off. The shadows are projected to mean sea level

Target Toggle on/off. Represents the point about which the drawing swivels and indicates the scale and the orientation of the drawing.
The rings at the base are calibrated as distance from the centre, and the arrow points North.


Viewing Tools:
Click to select a tool, then click anywhere on the image, hold down and drag.

Swivel Rotates the GPS drawing by changing the bearing and inclination. The movement pivots on the Target

Pan Moves the centre of the view in accordance to the mouse movements. The longitude and latitude change in synchrony

Zoom Zoom and View Distance: Vertical mouse movement changes the proximity of the viewer to and from the centre of the image. Horizontal mouse movement increases and decreases the focal length of the image. The zoom readout is based on a 35mm SLR camera.

Climb/ Descend Moves the centre of view up or down. Useful for measuring the height of a particular trackpoint with the Target

Altitude Exageration Turn the GPS drawing into an alpine georama with a click on and click-hold-drag of this tool

Stereo View For this tool to work you will need a pair of red/blue anaglyphic glasses. The stereoscopy, or 'cleavage' of the image is controlled by the horizontal cursor movements. Dragging the mouse up and down will make the image appear to recede into and pop out of the screen. A bit of tweaking should allow for most people's eyesight.