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Data Cloud
GPS Sculpture, Beatrixpark, Amsterdam
Jeremy Wood

A sculpture of where technology thinks it is in relation to where we are now.
It is composed of public benches all at different heights and positions.
They overlapping and intersecting with each other and with the ground like a visual glitch.

Original Data Cloud

Data Cloud is situated in Beatrixpark directly over the positions of two existing identical benches.
A series of coordinates were recorded from a stationary GPS receiver that rested on each of the two original benches.
The new benches mark precisely where the original benches were according to the Global Positioning System in 2008.
The inaccuracy is a measure of the current satellite positioning technology and refers to the many systems we rely on to locate ourselves.

Original Data Cloud

Data Cloud Data Cloud Data Cloud Data Cloud Data Cloud Data Cloud

The work was commissioned by Tom Jaspers for the Checking Reality exhibition at Platform 21
Checking Reality