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Jupiter Artland
+55° 54' 15.30", -3° 25' 24.78" Edinburgh, Scotland, July 2009
GPS sculpture workshop for twenty children at Jupiter Artland
GPS Jencks GPS Jencks GPS Jencks
GPS Jencks GPS Jencks GPS Jencks

An animation of the GPS drawing workshop that explored the paths of Charles Jencks’ Cells of Life

“The theme is the life of the cell, cells as the basic units of life, and the way one cell divides into two in stages called mitosis.” Charles Jencks

36 miles of GPS tracks were made over two days in an area of about 6000 sq. Metres
Charles Jencks

The aerial image below shows part of Jupiter Artland before the construction of Jencks' landform - shown in white
All GPS Tracks
The orange tracks show all the routes made during the GPS drawings in an open field as well as the walks that explored more artworks amongst the trees.
We trailed our GPS tracks in between the art of Ian Hamilton Finlay, under an Anthony Gormley, and around the Andy Goldsworthy.
All the while we were careful not to fall into the Anish Kapoor. The multi-coloured tracks were from a re-enactment on foot of Cornelia Parker's
Nocturne (A moon landing) made over the site. It was a recent firework display that incorporated fragments of an actual lunar meteorite into the fabric of the display.
We found the middle of the field and took turns to run away and back in different directions like an exploding firework. We could see our paths in the long wet grass.

The maps and drawings were used to develop some wonderful 3d work
GPS drawing workshop sculpture of the mounds sculpting the mounds

All the GPS tracks together made a collaborative map of the landform

GPS drawing in action - photo composite
photo composite

“From above, the layout presents their early division into membranes and nuclei, a landform celebration of the cell as the basis of life.”

Individual GPS Maps

“The children responded very well to the use of technology in art and produced fantastic drawings”
Diana McMicking - Jupiter Artland Education

GPS Drawings

Conducted by Jeremy Wood.