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Walking on Basel

Walking on Basel

Over three days of the Viper Basel 2004 festival there was an open invitation for the public to contribute to a series of walks that spelt out the name of the city. Over several session a day, the participants set off with GPS receivers on one of five planned routes from the Kunsthalle and headed south over the train tracks to walk in the shape of a single letter. Some of the walks were made more often than others affecting the density of the lines that formed the word.

Big Map_basel_map-2a.gif

Walking on Basel

basel04.jpg basel02.jpg

After each day of walking the GPS data was projected onto the Stadt-theater to gradually reveal the drawing to the city.
Projected GPS drawing

Below is a perspective view of the drawing with shadows projected at sea-level.
Perspective view with shadow at sea-level


On the last session of the last day we decided to head for a local park and improvise some drawings on foot within the perimeter.

drawing on foot
Above: Niklas Roy
Below: Thomas Los
drawing on foot