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Durrington High School [TKD]
02/07/2003 Total Track Length: 29.46km (18.3 miles)

This is a GPS map combining all the tracks captured on the one day workshop at Durrington High School.
Twenty students set about using the GPS receivers to plot their tracks on the playing field.
They had a large area to work with and found it quite a challenge to navigate around their drawings.

Perspective View
This drawing of the running track and the football pitch placed within the boundry of the field is a good reference of scale.

Perspective View

As the class had just been studying the shapes and textures of sea creatures, we opted for the challenge of drawing seahorses, a shape that is also the logo for the school.

Below is an edited GPS map of the school buildings with a collection of drawings on the playing feld.

Durrington High School
The Boulevard, Worthing, West Sussex BN13 1JX