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This one day workshop was with 35 Sixth Form students at the Henry Box School in Witney, Oxfordshire.

They were given free reign to scribble what they liked across a park near to the school. There was little time for detailed walks. Each student had only about thirty minutes in which to test the concept and produce a recognisable shape.

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These are some of the edited results:

edited results

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Below are all the tracks combined into one image:

A total of 28.19 km (17.51 miles) of tracks were drawn by: Tobias, Amy, Lauren, Alyson, Emma, Nicola, Martin, Gina, Stephanie, Kevin, Donna, Alex, Katie, Rebecca, Danielle, Katie, Alison, Tom, Katleigh, Simon, Hanna, Jack, Jennifer, Stephanie, Jack, Ben, Jonathan, Sophie, Sophie, Helen, Claire, Catherine, and Luke.