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ACS Cobham International School
As the Artist in Residence at ACS Cobham International School I gave a series of GPS drawing workshops over five days.
Working with six groups of students with three classes each, we experimented and explored drawing with GPS receivers.

Duck Face Basketball Lama

The lessons were part of Geography, Web Programming, and IT classes with students aged between 14 and 19.
There were two outdoor sessions along with a talk and presentation of all the final drawings.
We discussed about the impact of geographic information technology and the potential applications and concerns about the technology.

GPS drawing GPS drawing GPS drawing

I was invited by Patricia Davies, Head of Computer Studies of the High School Division at ACS Cobham International School.
The drawings were made within the large school grounds and incorporated many of the features of the area.

Face 1 Face 2

ACS Cobham GPS

Edited GPS drawings:
Edited GPS Drawings

All GPS Drawings 3-7 November 2008:
All GPS Drawings