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BA Communication Design
The students were set free for a day around the city of Portsmouth to produce GPS drawings.
The work was based upon illustrating specific features of the local landscape by using ones interactions and movements.

All tracks together

Illustrate a given building or location with the GPS receiver.
Your drawing should tell us something about the function,
use or action of your given location.

Starting points:
1) You can choose to figuratively represent the location. (draw what you see)
2) You may wish to represent the location abstractly. For example by walking around the building and mapping the flows of footpaths.
3) You might try to draw something that is specific to the location like writing text or drawing signs and symbols in a nearby open space.
4) However you chose to describe the location, you should try to use the areas construction and structure as your drawing board. Think big, open spaces are a blank canvas, and networks of roads and footpaths can be used to embellish the work.
5) Try to think conceptually about a location, for example the Hospital could illustrated by a cross using the roads around the building.

Car Park and Viewpoint


Hardware superstore

Shopping area

War memorial


Dates: 22/04/04
Track Points: 17506
Track Length: 80.48 km