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Family Day event at Modern Art Oxford

Twelve families were given one of six specially designed maps to guide them on a walk around the city.
Each walk was in the shape of a letter of the alphabet.
The combined GPS tracks from all the walks revealed a mystery word written across Oxford spanning 1.3 miles.

Oxford animation

Oxford Aerial Map
The final drawing contains 21.7 miles of GPS tracks.

mao_photo1.jpg mao_photo4.jpg

mao_photo2.jpg mao_photo3.jpg

The families were not told what letters they were walking around.
It was left a mystery until they either figured it out on route,
or saw the shape of their walks revealed afterwards on a computer.


This whole project, along with Drawing on Oxfordshire, was part of ‘The Big Draw’,
a national campaign to encourage adults and children to draw in a range of contexts,
with events and activities taking place across the country every year during October.
The campaign is organised by Drawing Power with one of its themes this year being ‘space and place’.


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