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Drawing on Oxfordshire
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Drawing objects from the collections of four Museums in Oxfordshire.
A one day workshop took place at each Museum. It involved groups of young people, aged between 5 and 17,
visiting their local museum and choosing artefacts from the collections to draw with GPS.

The shapes of the museum object were first simplified on paper and then paced out on foot at a much larger scale in a nearby open space.
Each of the final drawings was about the size of a football pitch.

Click on the map to see the results from each location
Perspective GPS map of Oxfordshire
Perspective GPS map of Oxfordshire [Grid = 5 x 5 km] Abingdon Museum Oxford Museum Oxfordshire Museum, Woodstock Banbury Museum

The objects were selected for their significance to the local area.
Drawings of MG motor cars, an icthyosaur, gloves and ammonites
were made at Abingdon in Abbey Meadow; hobby horses, a penny farthing,
a shuttle from plush weaving and armour at Banbury in Spiceball Park;
more gloves, cut steel swords and keys from Woodstock in the grounds of
Blenheim Palace and a grave slab from St Frideswide’s Priory and
dodos from Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ at the
Museum of Oxford were drawn in Merton Field, Christchurch.

What is GPS Drawing?
GPS receivers are mostly used to find where we are and where we want to go,
but it can also record where we have been as a digital dot-to-dot drawing.

With this principle we can turn our travels into enormous line drawings.

GPS Drawing in Banbury


The project took place from 15- 22 October 2003 and linked county, city and district museums and galleries through GPS drawing.
It brought together young people, museum objects, and open spaces through drawing using innovative technology and techniques.

'Drawing on Oxfordshire' was part of Oxfordshire County Council's Cultural Entitlement initiative,
which promotes access to and participation in cultural opportunities for young people.
It has enabled the participants to use literally billions of dollars worth of space technology for creative purposes.

This whole project, along with Drawing Oxford on Oxford, was part of ‘The Big Draw’,
a national campaign to encourage adults and children to draw in a range of contexts,
with events and activities taking place across the country every year during October.
The campaign is organised by Drawing Power with one of its themes this year being ‘space and place’.


External Links:
It involved 5 different locations across Oxfordshire:
Museum of Oxford, Abingdon Museum, Banbury Museum, The Oxfordshire Museum, Modern Art Oxford

Oxfordshire County Council_Oxfordshire County Council

Part of the Big Draw_Big draw


Sarah Lewis, Cultural Entitlement Officer, Learning and Culture, Oxfordshire County Council
Sarah Mossop, Community and Education Manager, Modern Art Oxford
Linda Smith, Study Support Co-ordinator, Learning and Culture, Oxfordshire County Council
Lesley Williams, Extended Learning Development Officer, Learning and Culture, Oxfordshire County Council
Museum Education Officers: Kate Reeve, Natalie Chambers
Museum Curators: Cherry Gray, Carol Anderson

Locations: Merton Field and Christchurch College, Oxford; Abbey Meadow, Abingdon;
Spiceball Park, Banbury and Blenheim Palace, Woodstock

Special thanks to all the people who took part in the workshops:

At the Museum of Oxford
The Oxford School Year 9:
Ashley, Carl, Rebecca, Suzanna, Sarita, Sadiya and Mrs Foster
New Hinksey CE Primary, Oxford:
Debra, Kit, Louis, William, Bill, Yage, Emily, Henry, Harmony,
Mrs Draper and Mr Clark

At Abingdon Museum
Larkmead School, Abingdon:
Jess, Lauren, Claire, Rachael, Scott, Rudie, Zara, Dom, David,
Beckie, Mrs Champion and Mrs Hunter

At Banbury Museum
The MAP Project, Banbury:
Andrew, Grace, Sarah and Jason
Banbury School Year 10:
Emma, Yazzmin, Andy, Marc, Tim, Vicki, Holly, Joanna,
Ellie, Jason and Mrs Parkinson

At The Oxfordshire Museum, Woodstock
PRUIS, Banbury and PRUIS, Oxford
The MAP Project, Bicester:
Alex, Chris, Butch, Josh and Selma

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