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Drawing on Oxfordshire
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Abingdon Museum

Abngdon GPS map

Abingdon is considered to be the oldest town in Britain.
The museum collection reflects its long history and includes archaeological finds from Prehistoric, Roman and Anglo Saxon times.

The GPS drawings took place over the meadow next to the River Thames by Abingdon Bridge.

The images below show some of the artefacts that were drawn from the display at the museum.
Hover the mouse pointer over the objects for more information.

Saucer Brooch - Guilded Romano-Celtic metalwork Key from Abingdon Gaol

Ichthyosaur - died 150 million years ago Bird Design - Window glass form 16th Century

Ammonite - Genus: cardioceras

Individual GPS drawings of the museum objects:


The museum objects can be seen amongst all the tracks made by the participants:

All GPS tracks combined together recorded on October 16th 2003:

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